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Prayer Times

If you are Muslim, then you must be knowing that there are different times for prayers. Islamic prayer time is mainly calculated based on the sunrise and sunset time of the specific location. The prayer time starts with the sunrise time and ends with the sunset times. Especially Muslims have to perform prayer 5 times per day. The time changes due to the weather changes. When the sunrise and sunset times start to vary from day to day during the heat, then the Islamic prayer times also vary accordingly. There are specific rules to set the time for the prayers.

So today, 5 times, prayers are critical for the Muslim people. It is essential to perform prayers regularly as prayers help to reach closer to Allah. Prayer is a great way to heal. Your soul, mind, and body. If you want to stay calm and motivated, then make sure to worship 5 times regularly. If you're going to stay fit physically, then make sure to follow 5 times Islamic prayer. It is crucial to do prayer on time. Most people think that performing prayer at their desired time is okay. But that is not Okay. You need to follow the time to do prayers accordingly.

5 Islamic prayer:

● Fajr: The first prayer offered is Fajr.

● Zuhr and Asr: The time of offering Zuhr prayer starts when the sun passes its zenith am last till the start of the Asr Prayers. It is also said that Asr prayer starts when the shadow of an object is the same length as that object. However, the calculation process can also be different.

● Maghrib: The timing of Maghrib prayer starts when the sun sets. The timing lasts till the red light has left the sky.

● Isha: The timing of offering Isha prayer begins when the red light vanishes entirely from the sky.